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How do we collect MGL’s?

Heading out to shoot interviews is a lot like going fishing. You go out, usually alone, and you see what you catch. You don’t want to go someplace where people are walking briskly past, where they are on their way to someplace else. Men on their way somewhere tend not to want to stop and get philosophical about love. Better to be where men are sitting, contemplating, if possible separate from their families or loved ones — that’s why there are interesting ones at airports. The beach is also very good. Ditto the train station. I find it’s best just to have your camera with you all the time, as you never know where the good ones might turn up.

My name is Mark and I’m one of the five members of the MGL team who head out into the world and gather MGL’s. A couple weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles at a trapeze class with my daughter (yes, she takes trapeze) and my wife says, “hey, I think that guy over there is Jeff Probst.” Now, we have been Survivor fans since the first season. I instinctively picked up my camera and immediately went over and said, “hey, we’re doing this project called ‘The Man’s Guide To Love’ where we’re asking men all over the country for advice…” Without a moment’s hesitation, Jeff kindly obliged. It’s always amazing how eager most men are to offer advice on the subject.

Now, you never know the quality of the advice you’re going to get. Sometimes guys you think will be great and profound are often just so-so. We here at The Man’s Guide To Love find it’s about a 6 to 1 ratio of “interviews” to “really compelling interviews that get on the site.” So I didn’t necessarily know if Jeff Probst would be a good one, but I had a feeling. And sure enough he had something interesting to say. We hear a lot about being honest in our interviews — it’s one of our major themes — but I think Jeff explained why honesty is the best policy very succinctly and with a sense of humor. Thank you, Jeff.

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  1. Lotten says:

    Fantastic idea!! I love the concepts of course men are great at giving advice. Adhering to it is another thing.. lol!!

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