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Leading up to Father’s Day, we’re sharing a full week devoted to the lessons in love that sons have received from their fathers, that men have learned from their children. Some advice is funny, some sad, some profound — all are 100% honest life and love lessons passed down from one generation to another. Welcome to Father’s Week.

“Advice from Dad” has been one of the major themes of The Man’s Guide To Love so far in its short history. If you go to our tag cloud, you can find our whole collection on the theme. You can’t help learn lessons from your dad — whether it’s what to do or what to avoid.

I (Mark, one of the creators of the site) lost my father a year ago this summer. He was born in 1930 and died in 2009 at the age 78. He amazingly made it all the way to 2009 without ever having an email account or even really having a computer. Watching the way he let technology pass him by was one of the things that inspired us to create The Man’s Guide To Love. I thought there before the grace of God goes I. I didn’t want to draw a line in the sand saying “even as the world keeps moving forward, I’m content to stay right here.” We had never created anything for the internet, which is really the medium of our generation. So, inspired by my father, we set out to create something in the vernacular of our times: The Man’s Guide To Love. Thank you, dad. For the inspiration, the kick in the pants, and for all the love you gave me my whole life. This is me passing the love along.

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