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“I hate that it is what it is…

…but it is what it is.” Those words were spoken by a 26-year-old named Chuck in Venice, California a few weeks ago. When we at the MGL first saw his “Be Ruthless” speech, we felt like we had encountered a modern poet on the theme of love. There are five of us who go out there and ask the question and curate the site. We started out thinking we would be posting on this blog a lot, but we’ve come to understand the men on the site are the real voice of the MGL. Frankly, our words pale in comparison. So thanks, Chuck, for the words and the wisdom, and thanks to all the men up on the big board. We’ll definitely keep posting over here on the blog, but mostly we’ll keep listening to all of you on the front page.

2 Responses to ““I hate that it is what it is…”

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